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Scholarship Information:

One of the Salem Athletic Booster Club projects is the annual Memorial Scholarship Award. We are particularly excited about this award because we are able to present the scholarship(s) to both a deserving female and male student athlete who has participated in any of the sports that Salem High School offers.

$1,000 is awarded to each winner and is based on a combination of their athletic and scholastic accomplishments. A committee is developed to review the applicants and select each year’s winner.

Applications will available in the High School’s Guidance office by early March 2020. Students can apply their Senior year and the deadline to apply is April 24th, 2020.

Previous Winners

2000   Mary Bauman                        Ralph Smalley

2001   Rose Salvino                       Tim Jones

2002   Amanda Jesko                       Robert Vogt Jr.

2003   Megan Sampson                      Geoff Cody

2004   Aubree Horning                     Andrew Baker

2005   Ashley Hannay                      Ryan Yeager

2006   Carly Duckworth                    Bo Endicott

2007   Brittany Gregory                   Matt Moffett

2008   Danielle Mullins                   James Armeni

2009   Mellay Gardner                     Phil Bennett

2010   Dana Ackerman                      Matt Oliphant

2011   Aimee Jones                        Ryan Wolfgang

2012   Cassie Davidson                    Scott Lodge

2013   Mallory Maher                      Storm Haueter

2014   Megan Lehwald                      Mike Popa

2015   Rylee & Reagan Meals               Jesse Slocum

2016   Kasey Costal                       Keaton Turney

2017   Clara Janofa                       Jon Gerace

2018   Alyssa Koskinen                    Trevor Smith

2019   Macy Austin                        Cooper Stockman

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